Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Pen Envy


When we die, our tombstone should read: “Here lies the ultimate spa treatment guinea pig. Wrinkle-free and more relaxed than ever.”

That’s because we’ll try just about any crazy service that’s pitched to us, as long as there’s a promise of halting the aging process even for a moment. It’s no wonder Luxury on Lovers has us on speed dial for the moment they acquire a new technology.

Their latest service, however, is quite possibly the best thing we’ve ever had performed on us (in a legitimate spa, that is). They’ve got a new device called the SkinPen made by a company based right here in Dallas.

The device looks harmless enough, but upon closer inspection you’ll notice the dozen micro needles at the tip. Don’t worry, though, you’ll hardly feel a thing as the pen glides over your face and neck, creating teeny-tiny incisions that stimulate your skin’s natural ability to produce new collagen, creating healthier looking skin and reducing fine lines and wrinkles at the same time.dal-04_02_14(2)For the first 24 hours, we looked like we had a pretty intense sunburn. The next 36 hours, there was some minor skin sloughing that also mimics the effects of a sunburn. Keeping our skin well moisturized, though, minimized the appearance of flaking (just don’t wear black!).

When it was all over, though, we were simply amazed. Wrinkles that we thought had taken up permanent residence were gone. Our skin had a new glow to it.

And 22-year-olds started hitting us up on Grindr again.

Mission accomplished.

SkinPen Face and Neck Treatment
Luxury on Lovers
4703 W Lovers Lane, Dallas
www.luxuryonlovers.com Mention He Said Magazine and get the $400 treatment for just $250.