Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Fick Buddy


We have no problem with the whole eating, drinking and being merry gig. It’s the next morning that leaves us reeling.

Probably because we don’t participate in that whole eating part of the equation.

But now, there’s Ficks Cocktail Fortifier, a product that aims to help stop the hangover before it starts. Plus, it’s available in flavors that complement nearly any possible cocktail: lemon, lime and ginger.

Key ingredients in each 17-calorie serving include milk thistle to help protect the liver, Vitamin B complex to replenish vitamins, electrolytes to help rehydrate, ginger root to soothe the stomach, dandelion to help detoxify, and aminos to aid in metabolizing alcohol.

Just add a half ounce to each cocktail and experience the benefits of Ficks.

It’s the boozy equivalent of taking the Morning After Pill during sex.

We’re all for saving time.

Ficks Cocktail Fortifier, $14.99
Ginger, Lemon, Lime
Purchase online at amazon.com