Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Lesbi Friends


In our household, the only girl-on-girl action we ever see is when one of our dogs decides to hump the face of another one. (Or those rare-but-horrific moments when we accidentally click the wrong link on Xtube.)

But this weekend, there’s some woman-powered shenanigans that we wholeheartedly endorse: The QCinema Lesbian Film Festival 2014.

dal-04_03_14 (3)The one-day event features three innovative lesbian flicks, including Heterosexual Jill, Reaching for the Moon, and She: tHEiR Love Story.

Of course, the lesbians know the best way to get gay men to their festival is with a little hot male skin. That can be found in both Truth and I’m a Stripper Too, which bookend the trio of women’s movies.

It’s a great way to keep us satisfied until the full QCinema festival in October: the best four days of gay in the entire Metroplex.

Not counting our Memorial Day weekend backyard pool party sleepover, of course.

QCinema Lesbian Film Festival 2014
Tickets: $10 per film – $25 all access pass for the three lesbian films only (increases to $30 at door)
Rose Marine Theatre
1440 North Main Street, Fort Worth