Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Always The Hostess


Gays are known for many positive attributes, but most have one central theme: making things better.

We do it with other people’s hair, homes and wardrobes, just to name the top three stereotypes that pop to mind.

But we’re also known as a welcoming bunch, whether it’s hosting the perfect impromptu picnic on a beach for new friends, or inviting that cute, lonely guy in the corner of the bar over for a nightcap in the hot tub.

So why wouldn’t we extend that same hospitality at work?

If you’re like millions of Americans, you spend a good chunk of your day in an office cubicle. Not the most exciting place on earth, we know.

usa-04_04_14(2)Now, however, you can make the best of it and embrace your guests like an old-lady innkeeper at a Victorian B&B.

It’s all possible thanks to the Cubicle Guest Book. Co-workers, bosses or anyone wearing one of those brightly labeled Visitor badges can commemorate their time in your 25-square-foot cube.

They can recount memorable moments in great detail, leave behind a bit of art and even rate your space for ambience, decor and quality of snacks.

It’s quite similar to the one we keep on our nightstand. Just with far fewer pages.

Cubicle Guest Book, $14.00