Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Caribbean Queens


There’s no substitute for a day on a Caribbean beach spent drinking frothy umbrella cocktails and wading out into turquoise waters between rounds to combat the sun’s warming glow.

But at least there’s now a place in Dallas to enjoy the bold flavors of the islands without the need to get a cavity search by the TSA (unless an agent happens to be dining there and you make eye contact).

Take a quick taste vacation to Pollo Tropical, a vibrantly colored, festive Taco Cabana-esque eatery that just opened in Addison (with more on the way).

They’re best known for their delectable grilled bone-in chicken, but they’ve also got some tasty mojo roast pork and just for Texas, Calypso beef, which is made from tender strips of prime rib. Best of all, you can sample all three in a trio with two sides that’s just $9.99.

Lighter options (shown above) clock in at 510 calories or less, perfect for summer swimsuit season.

Sides include a island staples of rice, beans, plantains and boiled or fried yuca. Our personal favorite, however, is the Caribbean corn soufflé.

Everything can be jazzed up at the sauce bar with one of 10 signature sauces, including cilantro-garlic, guava BBQ and curry mustard.

To go with your meal, grab a Caribbean beer, a refreshing Cuba Libre, or spike one of the fruity refrescas (tropical breeze, mango peach or superfruit punch) with a little Bacardi rum.

It’s not quite a day on the beach, but if you close your eyes and have your dining companion blow gently on your face while you sip your cocktail, you might just be fooled for a minute.

Pollo Tropical
5290 Belt Line Road, Addison