Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Beavers. Hooray!


Around the nation today, lesbians everywhere are busy doing last-minute shopping for this, one of their highest holy observances: National Beaver Day!

usa-04_07_14 (2)It’s gotta be the same level of excitement we gay men share on Footlong Day. Or during International Fudge Packers Week.

But we think every day should be Beaver Day, so to make that possible, we proudly direct you to the all-beaver merchandise page at Zazzle. They make great gifts for your best gal pals, but they’re also fun to wear out for a happy hour on the patio.

Just be careful which item you buy if you plan to use it. Don’t want to make people think you’re playing for the wrong team.

Because that would be a dam shame.

Beaver Gifts for National Beaver Day