Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Wish Fulfillment


That push notification you just received on your smartphone for a skinny Korean that wants to get close to your naked body isn’t on Grindr or Scruff.

usa-04_08_14(2)No, it’s an alert that a new slim-fit cardigan is available for 72% off at Wish.com, the web site behind our favorite new app.

It’s one of the best sites we’ve ever shopped for on-trend, fast fashion items at insanely cheap prices.

Log in through Facebook and you can see what items your friends are wanting (helpful for not showing up to parties in the same sparkly hoodie).

Share an item you like with three friends and get an automatic $5 gift card for that item.

Deals include watches for $8, sweaters for $19, iPhone cases for $4, button-down shirts for $13 and entire suits for $86.

Now you can look like you just stepped off a fashion runway for less than the cost of a night of drinks at a bar.

But you’re still gonna want to go out with your friends and show off that skinny Korean.

Wish – Shopping Made Fun

Wish – Shopping Made Fun App
Free for iOS at iTunes
Free for Android at google.com