Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Hook Up Smarter


The honor system is great for Obamacare signups. And the coffee bar in the employee break room.

But not so much for hooking up.

It’s hassle enough to extract a face pic out of some of these guys online, so what’s to keep them from lying about their hardcore drug use or STD status? Things that go bump in the night are great. Things that cause bumps on your pinga, not so much.

usa-04_11_14(2)Be part of the solution with MateSafe.

Simply register online and they’ll connect you with a lab in your area. Test results are sent back to MateSafe, which then posts to a private profile page. Send the link to your potential dates and request the same of them and know exactly what you’re both getting into.

Hopefully, this will soon become standard practice and the transmission of STDs will be greatly reduced.

Think of it as peace of mind. Before getting a piece.