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Whenever we feel lonely, we head to a tailor to get measured for pants.

But until now, we never had a reason to actually move beyond the cheap thrill and actually have clothes customized specifically for our bodies. It’s one thing to have off-the-rack apparel altered, but something entirely better to have truly made-to-measure clothing.

At Knot Standard, you can get completely custom shirts, trousers and suits, all precision-cut and hand-assembled to your exact measurements.

You can DIY your measurements and order online (there’s even a web cam measuring system), but we recommend heading to the tiny cottage off Henderson Avenue to allow a professional to whip out his tape measure.

The designer fabric options are almost overwhelming, but searching the books is an enjoyable task when you think of all the compliments you’ll get when sporting said new shirt, trousers or suit.

Best of all, everything is customizable, from the button placement and cuffs of a shirt to the contrast stitching and lining of a jacket.

Made-to-measure shirts start at $85 and suits begin at $795 (slightly less expensive options area available online, but not as truly customized).

Once they’ve got your measurements on file, it’s quick and easy to order additional items without having to head back to their showroom.

Unless, of course, you keep a hidden stash of Girl Scout Thin Mints.

In which case we recommend asking for an elastic option.

Knot Standard
5207 Bonita Avenue, Dallas
Book an appointment online at www.knotstandard.com Use or mention code HESAID for 15% off your order through April 30, 2014.