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We’ve all had that moment when the plastic collar stay crumbles on contact while putting on a nice shirt.

You can either remove both stays and hope the pattern on your tie is enough to distract people from your now-disheveled look.

usa-04_16_14(2)You could also search through all those random collar stays you’ve collected over the years and hope that you find one that matches the one that fell apart.

Or you could get your hands on Cleverfit, the adjustable collar stay that will forever change the way you get spiffied up.

Each stainless steel collar stay features one-hand adjustment, making it easy to transition from your favorite formal shirts to that vintage 1970s number with those long, groovy collars you keep for Disco Tea Dance costume emergencies.

They’re the last collar stays you’ll ever need to buy, freeing up your mind for more important worries.

Like who’s gonna win this season of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Cleverfit Adjustable Collar Stays, $29.95 (set of 4)
$4.95 flat-rate worldwide shipping