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Getting older sucks. Sure, there’s all that wisdom we’ve accumulated, but also All. That. Hair.

It’s showing up thicker on our face, but also in places we wouldn’t wish on our worst enemy (well, maybe Billy Graham’s son).

usa-04_21_14(2)Yeah, it’s sprouting up all over our back like some old-man chia pet.

But fortunately, there’s hope in the form of Panasonic’s Arc 3 Shaver. Though it’s not billed as a body groomer, we found that it works wonders far beyond our chiseled facial features.

This thing’s got technology through and through, from a shaving sensor that detects the density of your hair and adjusts the motor speed to a three-blade cutting system that cuts hair right at the base. Both combine to offer a gentle and efficient shave that works in dry and wet conditions (even with shaving cream!).

usa-04_21_14(3)Because it’s cordless and rechargeable (with battery life for up to two weeks of shaving), it truly can be taken anywhere (like the car when you’re late for work or Starbucks if you want to make sure to get a table all to yourself).

A built-in trimmer makes it easy to keep sideburns and mustaches neat and tidy.

Knuckles, toes and ears, too.

Hypothetically, of course.

Panasonic Arc 3 Shaver
Model ES-ST25KS, $134.99
Available at Target stores/Target.com and select Walmart locations

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