Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Airotic Heights


We’ve never understood the allure of the Mile High Club. Because the only real way to achieve membership was a little under-the-blanket action with the person in the seat next to you. Or cramming into the lavatory and hoping not to set off the flight attendant call button during the big O.

Until now.

usa-04_24_14(2)It’s time to book a flight with Love Cloud, the only airline that encourages more than your tray table be in the full upright position.

Flying at a cruising altitude of 5,280 feet (that’s a mile, folks) above Las Vegas, you’ll have full access to the made-for-action cabin, which resembles an even sexier version of the bottle on I Dream of Jeanie. Complete with a comfortable mattress, lots of pillows and a full playlist of romantic music, Love Cloud is the ultimate way to cross off a couple bucket list items at once.

usa-04_24_14(3)We chatted with the president of the company who says that same-sex couples aren’t just allowed on board, they’re encouraged! You’ll even get certificates making your Mile High Club status official.

Day flights feature views of Red Rock Canyon, Hoover Dam and Lake Meade, while nighttime adventures showcase the spectacular Las Vegas strip.

Of course, in order to take in the view while having sex, there’s pretty much only one position where that can work for both parties.

Guess on this flight, we’ll be the window seat.

Love Cloud
$799 (40 minutes) to $1299 (90 minutes)