Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Queerly Superior


Imagine a world with only one brand of plain vodka.

(We’ll pause while you sob along with us.)

There’d be no citron flavor. No glazed donut. And nobody would ever dream of bacon, buttered popcorn or blueberry.

It’s the same with our community. Imagine only one type of queer. Boring, right?

At He Said Magazine, we deliver a daily dose of sass unapologetically from the gay male perspective. But we all know there’s more to our population than stunningly attractive men with chiseled physiques and killer senses of humor, style and modesty like ourselves.

So click over now and bookmark the new LGBTQ Blog from The Dallas Morning News. It’s like the top-shelf, endless vodka varieties open bar of online publications.

Featuring a variety of voices from everyday citizens (including us), every letter of the LGBTQ designation is represented among the dozen conributors, including a few people with self-appointed labels we never knew existed.

Each day, you’ll find stories told from these wonderfully diverse perspectives and an open, respectful dialogue between the readers and writers of each entry.

The LGBTQ Blog is part of the Insiders Network at The Dallas Morning News and we’re not only thrilled to contribute our own opinions there, but proud that we live in a city where the major publication believes our voices should be heard.

We’ll drink to that!

The Dallas Morning News LGBTQ Blog