Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Fancy A SHAG?


Few things on this planet disturb our soul quite like public restrooms. From guys who don’t wash their hands to men talking on their mobile phones whilst pooping, it’s a place where we become highly judgmental. And more than a little germaphobic.

That’s why you’re likely to see us at the urinal with our legs spread wider than U Can’t Touch This-era MC Hammer to avoid stepping on puddles of what we convince ourselves is simply Mountain Dew spilled by a clumsy child.

Just think of what else we’re tracking home on our shoes after a long day in the city.

usa-04_30_14(2)That’s why we love SHAG, a so-simple-it’s-genius product. Taking its name from the combination of Shoes + Bag, SHAG is the best way to keep the footwear funk from the rest of your possessions.

We use one in our gym bag every day now, and have several for our frequent travels (and even more frequent costume changes). They’re made of water-resistant material for quick cleaning and feature a carry handle and durable zipper.

Plus, each bag is big enough to fit a pair of men’s dress or athletic shoes up to size 13. And you know what they say about men with big feet—their shoes attract even more gunk.

Time to SHAG a size 13.

SHAG Shoe Bags, $19.95 for two

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