Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Precious, Perfect


Recently, hearing the word precious conjured up images of Gabourey Sidibe. Or baby dolphins being rescued by MMA fighters.

But that was then. Gemma is now.

The name Gemma translates to “the precious one” in Italian and indeed, the tiny restaurant is something to treasure. When they opened in late December 2013, anticipation was high.

Fortunately, they meet and exceed expectations with every plate that exits the kitchen.

Start your meal off with a few items from the raw bar. On our visit, we devoured some of the best oysters we’ve ever eaten. Named appropriately for us, the Little Bitches were light and fresh without the metallic brininess of, well, bigger bitches. They only serve the freshest oysters, so selections change frequently.

Grass-fed beef tartare is velvety bliss, but the house-made crackers almost steal the spotlight. Arctic char tartare boasts a light freshness accented with unexpected co-stars of kiwi, ginger, lime and sesame.

Fried Castelvetrano olives maintain their vivid greenness even when battered and that’s a great thing because these less-salty cousins of common martini olives are our favorites in all the land, no matter how they’re prepared. These are quite possibly the best bar snack ever, especially when paired with fried-to-order Texas pecans.

Yet the shaved asparagus salad (pictured) is the one dish that was so memorable we’ve attempted on several occasions to recreate it at home. But nothing compares to this original that embodies spring in every bite flecked with purple kohlrabi, green almonds and truffled cheese.

It’s entirely possible to get your flavor fill without ever getting to a single main course, though we must say that each one we tasted was executed with precision and artistry.

Much like every sip and bite at Gemma.

2323 North Henderson Avenue, Dallas