Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

LEGO My Watch!


Sometimes things we loved during childhood find purpose in our adult lives.

Cases in fact: Our Tinkertoy wine holder, that Hungry Hungry Hippos backscratcher and something really cool with Lincoln Logs that we prefer not put in print.

Now there’s something from our past making its way onto our wrist. And unlike our other examples, this one’s officially licensed.

Strap on one of the timepieces from the LEGO Watch System, customizable watches that you actually build yourself. Create unique, personalized watches with interchangeable bracelet links, straps and bezels in a variety of colors, perfect for changing things up to match specific outfits or occasions.

The vast adult collection includes analog and digital options, each with additional parts to mix things up.

It’s the most functional nostalgia we’ve ever seen.

Well, not including the Stretch Armstrong doll we use to pump up our biceps and pecs.

LEGO Watch Collections, $85 – $175