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All Oiled Up


There’s already enough alcohol surging through our system on a daily basis that it’s probably a good idea to avoid any extra exposure.

That’s why we love Inkling Scents, a line of perfume and cologne formulas that utilize 100% pure essential and perfume oils. And not a single drop of alcohol. They’re simple, pure and deliver a robust fragrance experience rarely achieved with department store products.

Because there’s no alcohol, they don’t evaporate, but instead absorb into the skin for a much longer-lasting effectc. Plus, you don’t need more than a couple drops.

Men’s fragrances include Steel & Velvet (bergamot, cedar wood, Haitian vetiver and tonka bean with white ginger and basil flower), Raffish (wormwood, bergamot and cardamom with lavender and orange blossom) and Detonate (vetiver, tobacco, balsam, white leather with grapefruit, pepper, cinnamon, chili and saffron).

An additional four men’s scents, plus two unisex options, make it easy to find the perfect fragrance for any occasion. We suggest ordering several of the mini roll-on bottles. Then once you’ve found your favorite, log back on and order a flask containing a full two fluid ounces.

Just make sure it doesn’t get mixed in with your other flasks.

Pretty sure you don’t want to mix a martini with white leather and vetiver oils.

Inkling Scents, $15-$115