Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Attack Of The 5 O’Clock Shadow


For about 11 months now (give or take 13.6 hours), we’ve been infatuated with bears. Not of the Goldilocks and the Three variety, but the husky, hairy gay species.

The only problem we have with most bears (other than the fact that they always win at arm wrestling) is their beards. All it takes is one serious snogging session for our face to end up looking like our telltale knees–crimson red and scuffed to hell.

usa-05_12_14But the beard is most of what attracts us to these guys in the first place.

Well, now there’s a solution for all men who prefer to sport a little (or a lot) of scruff. Introduce your face to The Soft Goat, a hypoallergenic pad that dulls the sharp edges left behind by trimming and shaving.

Rub a Soft Goat pad anywhere you have stubbly hair and it quickly softens the edges for epic cuddle sessions and extracurricular lip-lock activities. Each long-lasting pad is reusable and really does the trick.

So you can do the trick without scuffing up his face.

The Soft Goat, $11.99 per box of 3