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Massage In A Bottle


Sometimes, tight isn’t good.

Take muscles, for instance. When they get all knotted up, there’s only one thing to do: Get a massage.

You can always pay for a professional one, but sometimes it’s more fun get one from a new friend. (The promise of giving a massage is also a proven date magnet.)

usa-05_13_14But so many massage oils are messy to dispense and overly greasy.

That’s why we’re so excited to have discovered Massage Gel from Frog Meadow, a Country Bed & Breakfast and Massage Oasis for Men. It was created by men for men to use on other men (or at least that’s the story we’re telling ourselves).

The seed oil-based gel is light and long-lasting, plus because it provides continuous workability, it doesn’t require reapplication too often.

Because massageous interruptus is never good.

Unless it’s for a happy middle.

Frog Meadow Massage Gel, $12 (includes pump)