Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Tonight’s Forecast: 9 Inches


Set your innuendo-ometer to HIGH and head to Oak Lawn for lunch.

Because Samson’s Gourmet Hot Dogs is out to seduce you with wieners at a restaurant whose slogan is “9 inches of fun in a bun.” They also claim to serve “meat you can’t beat” and that “they’ll show you theirs if you show them yours” referring to smiles.

All this next door to a gay bar called Pekers is almost too much, but even though there are enough dick jokes in a few hundred square feet to choke on, we can’t help but love their sense of humor.

At Samson’s, they make all their own sausages, including veggie and turkey versions unlike anything you’ll find in a package at the grocery store.

What’s most impressive is the variety of options for topping your wiener. Roasted red bell peppers, mushroom, quinoa & lentil salad, smoked artichoke hearts, hummus, corn relish, goat cheese, mac ‘n cheese, mashed potatoes and vegan chili, just to name a few.

Choose a build-your-own option or select one of their gourmet combinations. Hot dogs can be served on pretzel buns, traditional rolls, gluten free rolls or in a wrap, adding to the choice dilemmas for the indecisive.

Oddly enough, even though this is a hot dog joint, the one item we’ve been craving ever since our last visit is the salad. Yep, a salad. Loaded with tons of fresh vegetables and other toppings, it’s the biggest surprise on the menu and one that won’t make you feel guilty when you leave.

Or require a bottle of TUMS an hour later.

Samson’s Gourmet Hot Dogs
2615 Oak Lawn Avenue, Dallas