Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

In Stunning 3-D


Rearranging your furniture no longer counts as a home makeover.

But there’s an easy way to quickly transform any room into an ultra modern retreat thanks to one of our favorite new products, Inhabit Wall Flats.

Available in a variety of styles, including braille (shown), circles and wave-like patterns, plus plenty of other options, these three-dimensional wall panels create immediate drama and excitement wherever they’re placed.

They work in multiples to create contiguous patterns, no matter what size or shape the wall is you’re applying to. Made from bagasse, a sugarcane byproduct, they’re biodegradable and possibly the eco-friendliest wall covering out there. Plus, they can be painted if you’re not a fan of the striking off-white.

Wall flats are easy to apply, but do require that you add your own adhesive, so it’s a little more involved than some DIY projects. The results are totally worth it, though.

Our sex dungeon has never looked more chic.

Inhabit Wall Flats, $86-$124 (10 panels covering 22.5 square feet)