Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Puff, Daddy?


We were beginning to worry that we would never be able to fly commercial airlines again. Because even without a single piece of Samsonite, they were always trying to charge us for two oversized bags.

The ones under our eyes.

Yes, we’ve got baggage. And not the Jerry Springer kind, either.

usa-05_22_14(2)But we can’t help it. Late nights and lots of champagne don’t make it easy for one to stay youthful looking every morning. At least not without a little help from Le Mieux.

It only takes once or twice a week to achieve smoother, younger-looking skin under the eyes thanks to Le Mieux.

Within 15-20 minutes of applying the cooling, skin-energizing mask, fine lines and wrinkles fade as collagen synthesis is stimulated by the specially formulated pads. When the time is up, simply rub in the serum left behind and prepare for people to question what kind of work you’ve had done.

We were accused of getting Botox under our eyes, which we’ll take as a compliment.

If we keep using Le Mieux, we might just be carded by the flight attendant next time we order a cocktail at 23,000 feet.

Le Mieux TGF-β Eye Firming Mask, $12 (4 sets)



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