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Best of Hawaii: The Modern Honolulu

The Modern Honolulu

Situated just a few steps from the waters of Waikiki, The Modern Honolulu possesses the best of both modern luxury and beachside fantasy. Its chic sunrise pool and relaxing sunset pool scene, ocean view suites with crisp, white decor and the most popular lounge and nightclub in the city, this hotel combines the appeal of the ocean and the urban to showcase the best features that Oahu has to offer.

The heart of this hotel is the sunrise pool, with private cabanas, pool service from morning to night and daily live acoustic music that fits the setting perfectly. While poolside, don’t miss out on the frozen coconut mojito, by far their most popular drink.

The hotel houses one of the best restaurants in all of Hawaii, Morimoto Waikiki. This signature top chef restaurant offers the best of sushi, surf and turf and handcrafted drinks. Upon retreating to your room to relax and gaze out onto the ocean after the sun set, make sure and take another look at the sunset pool and see if you can make out the glowing constellations illuminated in its waters.

In the hotel lobby, guests can enter through a revolving bookshelf and order The Modern’s take on the traditional Mai Tai at the Study, the hotel’s modish cocktail bar. Make sure and ask The Study’s resident mixologist about the history of this tropical libation and how the Modern perfected their own recipe. This deconstructed Mai Tai will give you a new appreciation for the Hawaiian beverage.

Later in the evening, you can venture over to Addiction, one of Hawaii’s most popular nightclubs. Arrange bottle service with the concierge and dance until early dawn. You only have to take the elevator when you are done.

Since Hawaii legalized gay marriage, The Modern has hosted a number of wedding affairs for LGBT couples. True to its name, the hotel prides itself on appealing to the gay and lesbian travel and is honored to be the host of all past and future LGBT unions.

The Modern is a stylish and sophisticated destination that will satisfy the cravings of the vacationing elite, but there is something that makes this Hawaiian hotel stand out among its contemporaries. The Aloha Culture can be felt throughout every experience in this hotel.  From curbside to pillow and everything in between, the beauty of the hotel will leave you breathless, but the people will make you fall in love.