Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

One-Act Wonders


Somewhere deep inside you, there’s something fighting to get out.

And hopefully for the sake of ER doctors everywhere, that something is a script.

Whether you’ve been writing your entire life or simply have a story that needs to be told, now’s your chance. TeCo Theatrical Productions has long held a one-act playwriting competition, but for the first time ever they’ve opened it up exclusively for LGBT content.

Best of all, $1000 will be donated to the winning writer’s LGBT organization of choice.

The deadline for entry is July 1, so you have more than a month to put pen to paper before the judges choose six playwrights to have their scripts produced and staged at the Bishop Arts Theatre Center.

Then in September, the entire Dallas community can gather to watch what spills out of the imaginations of the winners.

We’re still trying to narrow down our own submission. Just can’t decide whether to submit our script for A Gaysian in the Sun, Death of a Bottom, or The Barback Cometh.

Really just depends which one we can turn into a musical first.

PlayPride LGBT Festival: A Competition of One-Act Plays
September 4-14, 2014
TeCo Theatrical Productions, Inc.

215 South Tyler Street