Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Waisted Corks


We drink a lot of wine. Which means we have a lot of corks as mementos. (Same reason we have a huge stockpile of strangers’ underwear in a storage box under the bed.)

But there’s always been a question of what to do with all those leftover corks. This is one option. Mostly because we don’t have the skillset to turn the bottle stoppers into something useful.

Like fashion accessories.

The guys over at Cliff Belts, however, have figured out a great way to turn used corks into something far more useful than an “It’s Wine O’Clock!” wreath for your front door.

They’ve created an entire line of belts that’s far more environmentally friendly (and animal-friendly) than leather. Layers of cork are laminated to fabric to create a durable, lightweight material that wears beautifully over time.

Their line of belts includes variations that incorporate old subway straps, as well as options that simulate crocodile without a single maneater being killed for its skin.

Messenger bags, wallets and laptop cases are also available for purchase.

Finally, a corkage fee that gets you something permanent.

And not just a temporary buzz.

Cliff Belts
Belts: $50-$125
Wallets, Bags, Cases: $44-$285