Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

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Summer is no longer a wasteland of bad TV shows thanks to powerhouse dramas like Orange Is The New Black, Penny Dreadful and 24:Live Another Day.

But sometimes, we still crave the kind of warm-weather television fluff that can be enjoyed poolside with a rum-infused coconut water and a short attention span.

So we’re ecstatic that ABC is keeping things delightfully corny with Sing Your Face Off, a new reality competition premiering Saturday night.

Hosted by the super-sexy (and gay) John Barrowman (above), the show features five celebrities who are transformed via makeup, costumes and extensive training to perform as music superstars.

That means we’ll be treated to hilarious spectacles, including Jon Lovitz as Elton John and Lisa Rinna as Dolly Parton, as well as alter egos in the forms of Lady Gaga, Tina Turner and Justin Bieber.

It’s not as much about the singing, but more how each celebrity channels the other celebrities. Making that determination are Darrell Hammond and Debbie Gibson as the primary judges with help from the likes of RuPaul and Richard Simmons, both of whom know a thing or two about transformations.

If you’re looking for the biggest guilty pleasure of the summer, we’re pretty sure this is it. All you need is a box of crackers.

Because there’s plenty of cheese to go around.

Sing Your Face Off
Premieres Saturday, May 31


Photo Credit: abc.com