Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Two Pounds Of Gay


For years, we’ve sung the praises of short-and-sweet beach reads as the perfect books of summer. But a novel just came across our desk that has us rethinking our stance. Rather than plowing through multiple books throughout the season, why not clutch on to a single paperback?

Devour three novels in one with Living the Rainbow: A Gay Family Triptych. Clocking in at 2.2 pounds (somewhere between Stephen King’s The Stand and Tolstoy’s War and Peace), this massive 700-page book contains three separate novels unified by common themes: the impact of death, wounds left by abuse, damage wreaked by homophobia and the power of love to overcome and heal.

The trio of bestselling novels (Family Ties, Jonathan’s Hope and The Opera House) are all by Hans M. Hirschi and when you buy this book, you’ll have him to thank for helping bulk up your beach bod.

Because lifting up a 2.2-pound book everyday will do so much more for those triceps than the latest copy of Us Weekly.

Living the Rainbow: A Gay Family Triptych, $28.79
by Hans M. Hirschi