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Hairless Whisper


To baldly go where no man has gone before (or even where he has), sometimes a razor’s not the answer.

Neither are women’s hair removal creams.

usa-06_05_14 (2)That’s why this summer, we’re losing the fuzz with Axiom pH-balanced Hair Removal Cream, specially developed to be used on a man’s most sensitive parts (and the ones that can take a licking and keep on ticking).

The formulation uses ingredients like Canadian Willowherb as an anti-inflamatory and anti-bacterial ingredient that reduces skin irritations, cocoa seed butter to moisturize and jojoba seed oil to improve skin’s elasticity and balance oil production.

For guys with tats, it’s ideal because it helps you show off your ink without fading or damaging the colors.

Best of all, a nine-minute application keeps hair off for up to three weeks.

So to keep hairless all summer long, you only need about 36 minutes total.

A six-pack and pecs wouldn’t hurt, either.

Axiom pH-balanced Hair Removal Cream for Men, $19.50