Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Floral Pleasure


Valentine’s Day.

Mother’s Day.

Sorry, I ran over your granny.

Those are pretty much the only occasions when we order flowers. (We won’t tell you which one takes place several times a year for us.)

But there’s a new online retailer that’s about to increase the frequency of our floral purchases.

Say hello to BloomNation, known to some as “the Etsy for flowers.” Started by three men who won big at poker, the company is out to change the $4 billion industry.

When you place an order, you’re connected with the best local floral designers who handcraft each unique arrangement and hand deliver it the same day.

Even cooler, they have a feature called BloomSnap that sends you a photo of exactly what your arrangement looks like before it goes to the recipient.

So next time there’s an occasion to send flowers, we think you’ll love BloomNation.

After all, the 26 grandchildren on our list can’t be wrong.


Use code HESAID10 through August 31, 2014 and save 10% on any order over $50.