Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

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Whenever we travel, we strive to live like locals whenever we venture beyond our own zip code.

Thanks to that goal, we can now walk long distances through villages with baskets on our heads, wrestle alligators for food and ask, “How much for a four-handed massage?” in 33 languages.

But what better way to discover hidden gems in cities across the world than by spying on the Instagram photos of local citizens?

usa-06_25-14(2)All that hashtag searching can be really time-consuming, so we’re happy to have a better method.

Say hello to version 2.0 of Jetpac City Guides, a Webby Award-winning app that pulls from publicly posted Instagram photos to help users find great things to do within categories like “10 Places Most Popular with Men,” “10 Restaurants with a View,” and “Bars Popular with LGBT.”

Jetpac City Guides can help you find new things to do in your own city, too. Plus, because you’re seeing photos taken by everyday Instagrammers, you can get a better idea of a place’s true appeal and clientele.

And how cool that the “Happiest Places” category in every city we searched features several LGBT bars and establishments. Because we are a people that love to have a great time.

No matter what continent we’re on.

Jetpac City Guides, Version 2.0
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