Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Score Like Never Before


You know that stockpile of video clips on your smartphone? Time to make them into mini blockbusters.

Introducing MatchCut, an app for iPhone and Android that we simply can’t stop using.

usa-07_01_14(2)Take a video clip (or several) and choose one of 50 free, original fully-orchestrated soundtracks ranging from Hitchcock and Mad Men styles to waltzes and cartoonish cuts. The app synchronizes your video and cuts clips together to match the downbeats and tempos of the track.

A few seconds later and, voila! You’ve got a cute clip of your dog riding a skateboard that becomes suddenly epic. Or a 30-second sex tape worth sharing with friends and family.

We have the most fun reworking the same footage with different music to see how drastically (and hilariously) a video can change simply played back at a different pace, with different edits and a whole new score.

Immediately post to YouTube or your favorite social media platform and watch the Likes come rolling in.

MatchCut is like having Spielberg and John Williams in your pocket.

With room left over for your car keys.

Coming soon to Google Play