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Flipping Out


Breaking up may be hard to do, but we had no problem dumping every pair of flip flops in our closet at the start of summer.

Perhaps our feet have become accustomed to the better things in life and cheap plastic-and-rubber footwear just wasn’t cutting it any longer.

That was before we tried on our first pair of Rider Sandals, particularly their Duo line. Not only do we dig the two-color design of these casual sandals, but the soft Dry Foam insole and an upper featuring their own Inner Touch technology made for a wonderfully comfortable romp around the beaches of Hawaii last week.

Now that we’ve had a taste of Rider Sandals, we’re tempted to get rid of all our regular shoes and give our piggies the fresh air they deserve.

Instead, we’ll keep them all and just have secret rendezvous with Rider Sandals whenever we vacation to exotic locales. As long as our loafers, oxfords and boots don’t find out, everyone wins.

After all, what Kenneth Cole, Ted Baker and Ben Sherman don’t know, certainly won’t hurt them.

Rider Sandals, $19-$35