Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Locked & Loaded


It’s hard to enjoy your time at the beach or pool when you’re constantly looking over your shoulder to make sure your phone, wallet and diamond tiara are safe at your lounge chair.

That’s why we love AquaVault, a fantastic lockbox that quickly attaches to nearly any type of beach furniture. It even works on ropes, railings and other harder-to-steal structures.

Made of ABS thermoplastic that can thwart even the most violent attempts to get to your goodies, the 120-square-inch cargo container can hold all your valuables and even those of a friend or two.

Because once your prized possessions are safe and secure, you can look over your shoulder at more important things.

Like that hot guy who just walked by wearing nothing but a square cut and a smile.

AquaVault, $39.95