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Best Feet Forward


We have a pretty serious footwear addiction. And according to the pedometer we borrowed from our mom, recovery is a 476,867-step program.

But unlike our long list of vices, this is one craving that we don’t feel the need to tame. Our obsession with fine footwear isn’t hurting anyone except people who insist on wearing those hideous running shoes with the five individual toes.


In addition to our vast collection of loafers, boots and sandals, we’ve slowly been amassing zany socks one pair at a time. The process has been slow and expensive, so we were overjoyed to discover Nice Laundry.

For less than $120 (and free shipping), you can get a complete sock drawer makeover with 18 new pairs ranging from simple black and grey to colorful camo and striking stripes.

They’re extremely comfortable, too, because Nice Laundry pays attention to every detail. Most importantly, the cuffs don’t cut off circulation to our feet like some socks.

Perhaps our favorite feature, though, is the ability to recycle all those old ugly socks that are still lurking in our drawers. Each order includes instructions on how to access a prepaid shipping label to send off old socks to be re-purposed and recycled.

You might just find that you have room for another 18 pairs.

Nice Laundry
Sock Drawer Makeover, $117 (18 pairs, plus free shipping)

Photo credit: Nice Laundry