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Underwear Of The Month: An Obvious Choice


Take a moment and pull off your pants. It’s OK, we’ll wait.

Now look in the mirror and check out the pouch on your underwear. Is it too tight? Is there extra fabric creating an unflattering protrusion? Are things hanging out the sides that aren’t supposed to?

The peril of poorly designed pouches is an all-too-prevalent condition in men’s underwear, but there’s an Australian company out to change that forever.

Say g’day to Obviously Underwear, a premium brand from down under that’s every bit as comfortable as it is sexy.


That’s mainly because each of their four pouch designs work with your anatomical gifts to form a perfect fit, whether you like things hanging free and loose or close to the body out of harm’s way.

The pouch variations can be found across several styles, including trunks, boxer briefs, hipster briefs, classic briefs, low-rise briefs, bikinis, jocks and thongs.

Every single style and color can be found at MensUndewearStore.com with free shipping so you don’t have to wait longer or pay extra to get them direct from Australia.

Because just like a baby kangaroo, the sooner you’re nestled into a proper pouch, the better your life will be.

Obviously Underwear, $17-$28

Photo Credit: obviouslyunderwear.com.au; mensunderwearstore.com