Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Morning Buzz


Coffee gets all the praise when it comes to morning pick-me-ups. (Especially now that cocaine has fallen out of favor in certain circles.)

But there’s a new way to energize your day with a new level of flavor and sophistication.

And a high level of caffeine.

Introducing Zest Tea Energy Blends, delicious teas with more caffeine than a regular cup of joe.

usa-07_17_14(2)Available in Earl Grey Black, Blue Lady Black, Apple Cinnamon Black, and our personal favorite, Pomegranate Mojito Green, these are teas that’ll rev your engine like no other.

Just to put things in perspective, a normal cup of black tea has 55 grams of caffeine. Coffee clocks in at 125. But Zest Tea black teas register a whopping 155 grams for a noticeable boost in energy with less of a crash than many people experience with java.

Best of all, the blends are fantastic as iced teas for summertime refreshment with a little extra kick.

Tea time has finally caught up with 2014 needs.

No English accent or crumpets required.

Zest Tea Energy Blends, $9.99-$10.99