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Cut The Cord


When we jog (and trust us, it’s not that often) we need to be as unencumbered as possible, especially when it comes to the soundtrack to our journeys. The headphones that come standard with iPods, iPhones and other devices are simply too short and always get in the way of our rhythmic movements.

We actually used this as an excuse to stop jogging for fear of getting tangled up in wires, tripping and breaking our collar bone in four places. (Thankfully, we’re a bit more graceful than that.)

But now, we can run wild and free outdoors or in the gym without worry of pesky wires that are too short.

SwageU Bluetooth Headphones from Rokit Boost feature a great design that houses all the audio controls you need safely around your neck, allowing you to effortlessly control your iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Kindle, MacBook or almost any Bluetooth device you can imagine — up to 32 feet away.

Headphones are magnetically attached to the base rather than your wireless device, so they have a much shorter distance to reach your ears. This keeps every body part from the neck down free to gyrate and flounce about at will.

Yet no matter how lightweight and easily wearable they are, if the sound’s not good, who cares? Thankfully, the audio output is fantastic. Plus, a built-in microphone makes it perfect for receiving calls while exercising (unless you’re on the machine next to us at the gym, then prepare for to be served justice for your rudeness).

At that point, we’ll be the one breaking your collar bone in four places.

SwageU Bluetooth Headphones
$55.99 at amazon.com
$54.99 at rokitboost.com