Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Inspection Gadget


To this day, just weeks away from the 15th season premiere, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation remains one of our must-see guilty pleasures.

We’re fascinated with crime solving in all its forms, whether it’s a team led by a lesbian named Velma or a white-haired Ted Danson. But mostly we’re obsessed with those UV lights that crime scene investigators use to uncover evidence.

Now you, too, can search for clues to crimes against sanitary humanity.


At first, we were afraid to use our Hotel Inspector UV Light Stain Finder for fear of, well, actually finding stains. Luckily, the hotels we frequent are of a caliber where the only fluids apparent are in martini glasses at the bar.

usa-07_24_14(3)On a recent vacation, we stayed at four different hotel properties and never once found a biological stain or bed bug evidence, either.

So, naturally, to make sure the Hotel Inspector really works, we had to create a few biological stains in our own bedroom when we returned from our travels.

What we learned is that Hotel Inspector indeed works like a champ.

And also, even at our advancing age, our ceiling is still in the line of fire.

Hotel Inspector, $14.95