Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Rawlins & Uncensored


When we’re listening to NPR programming on KERA and we hear a charming southern drawl coming from deep within the circuitry inside our radio, we immediately crank up the volume.

Because we know we’re about to be entertained with the observational wit and unique perspective of Rawlins Gilliland. Every word that comes out of this man’s mouth is pure poetry in its funniest form and we always crave more.

Well, now, our wish has been granted as he presents his first-ever one-man show at the Kessler. It’s a sold-out situation as far as seats are concerned, but there are still standing-room-only tickets left and for the price—plus chance to see the legend live—we’re willing to put on some stylish-but-comfy shoes for the occasion.

Rawlins will be joined by a jazz trio and regale the audience with tales of his bohemian, celebrity-filled childhood with his activist-artist parents and his more modern-day adventure, all which have helped shape who he is as a fabulously well-versed gay man about town.

The show’s being billed as NC-17, so expect to hear juicy bits and words that would never make the airwaves on public radio.

Somewhere, Terry Gross is blushing.

Rawlins Gilliland One-Man Show (18 & up)
Thursday, July 31
Tickets: $20 (Standing Room Only)
6:00pm Bar Opens
7:00pm Theater Doors Open
8:00pm Showtime

The Kessler
1230 West Davis Street, Dallas