Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Dog Eat, Dog World


One of our dogs has gotten so old and picky that we now only feed her roasted chicken from Trader Joe’s. (Which she eats from her new Tempurpedic mattress.)

Because who are we to deny her happiness and a full belly her last few months on earth?

Our younger dogs crave special treatment, too, but we’re not about to get them hooked on people food just yet.

So they’ll have to sit pretty for the best snacks we’ve found that may be made for dogs, but resemble foods we actually enjoy.


That means jerky, sausage slices, chicken strips and meatballs that look like the real deal. Because they are.

They’re dog treats from Milo’s Kitchen, makers of goodies that have 100% real chicken and beef as the main ingredient. Each is free of artificial flavors and colors, plus they’re made here in America.

Grab them in your favorite pet store, order online, or if you’re lucky, take your dog to their traveling food truck as it continues across the U.S. for free samples, family photos and prizes.

So discover treats worthy of your dog’s Instagram foodie album.

Or his online culinary blog.

Milo’s Kitchen
Check out the food truck schedule at www.mktreattruck.com