Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Chatty Catty


We all have friends who need app interventions. They discover something cute and gimmicky then wear it into the ground and fill our Facebook walls with nonsense.

But one of our good friends did a life hack on the Talking Pet App that cracks us up every time.

If you’re not familiar with the app in its original intent, it’s a clever way to take photos of your cat, dog, hamster or three-toed sloth and make them talk or sing with just a few taps on your screen and a recording of your own voice.

usa-08_11_14(2)The result is funny enough, but our friend figured out a way to make the app even better—by using it on photos of his friends.

Now, he can put words into our mouth and force us to say all sorts of crazy things in voices that are delightfully cartoonish.

It’s a great way to animate inside jokes and share them with your closest friends on Facebook or YouTube. Or expose somebody’s biggest fault in a way that’s much less confrontational than a face-to-face verbal attack.

Which we’ll take over a singing cat any day.

My Talking Pet App, 99¢