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Pineapple At 80 Proof

When we went to Hawaii as a teenager, we dorked out and shipped home a crate of pineapples.

When we went to Hawaii this summer, we wised up and shipped home a case of pineapple vodka instead.

usa-08_15_14(2)Say aloha to Pau, a vodka handcrafted in small batches and distilled from Hawaiian pineapples and pure Hawaiian spring water for a smooth, clean taste that mixes well with anything. Because even though it’s made from pineapples, it has no pineapple taste whatsoever.

Instead, it’s an ultra premium spirit that proves that potatoes no longer have a corner on the vodka market.

Though both varieties do wonders at improving our hula skills.

Pau Maui Vodka, 750ml
Find a retailer at 1000corks.com