Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Three Sheets To The Win


In a time of year when we’re looking to wear as little as possible, we wholeheartedly welcome the idea of a public outing in nothing but a bed sheet and a smile.

This month’s Gaybingo benefiting Resource Center is themed Toga Party, so what a perfect opportunity. As always, there will be hundreds of dollars in cash prizes and the kind of craziness that only a night at Gaybingo can produce.

There will be a raffle for an iPad mini, too, with proceeds benefiting The Handsome Father.

If you weren’t part of a fraternity in college or a betrayer of Caesar in another lifetime, this may be your first opportunity for a little alcohol-laced fun in a 400-thread-count frock. So pull out that sewing machine and whip up something memorable. (We’ll be judging you from afar.)

So embrace the gayness in style.

Because the only thing straight at Gaybingo is getting every number in the B column for the jackpot.

Toga Party Gaybingo
Saturday, August 16
Tickets: $25-$40 (VIP) in advance (includes all games)
Rose Room at S4
2911 Cedar Springs Road, Dallas

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