Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Gay Wettings


It’s amazing how many retailers get upset at the whole try-before-you-buy concept, a lesson we learned the hard way at Edible Undies Depot.

But there’s a new store opening Saturday at NorthPark Center that lets you test drive everything in the store—including the showers.

Say hello to the Southwest’s first PIRCH, a 32,000-square-foot showroom filled with dream bathrooms, kitchens and outdoor spaces.

As soon you walk through the doors (either via the second floor mall entrance between Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus or the street-facing entry), you’ll immediately see a Bliss Café where you’ll be treated to a complimentary espresso, coffee or other signature beverage.

Then, get ready to embark on a two-three hour fantasy tour of a home improvement wonderland that will make you hate absolutely everything in your current house. But it’s all about turning dreams into reality here, whether you’re buying under-$25 decorating accessories or splurging on that $100,000 Tiffany-blue oven you’ve always wanted.

What’s most remarkable about PIRCH, however, is that they feature fully functional vignettes throughout, whether you want to feel the water from a specific kitchen faucet, test the temperature of a wine refrigerator or bask in the warm glow of an outdoor pizza oven.


It’s all about full immersion here. Especially in the Sanctuary (above). Bring a swimsuit and they’ll give you your privacy to test out 15 different shower heads, a couple bath tubs and spa-worthy therapy chambers.

We’re just thrilled to finally get nearly naked at NorthPark without consequences.

Damn if it isn’t hard to be banned for life from the food court.

Grand Opening Saturday, August 23, 10:00 a.m. (celebration events throughout the day)
NorthPark Center
8687 North Central Expressway Suite 2172, Dallas
www.pirch.comDaily Demos:
Head to PIRCH every weekday at 6:00 p.m. to see demonstrations by the on-staff culinary team.
Monday: Steam Cooking in Savor Kitchen
Tuesday: Hearth Cooking in Savor Kitchen or The Patio
Wednesday: EVO Cooking in The Patio
Thursday: Range Cooking in Savor Kitchen
Friday: Grilling in The Patio