Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Urie Town


There aren’t many homes in Dallas with basements. That’s why we keep our pinball machine, bean bags and tiki bar in the attic. But geez how our guests hate climbing that ladder into the ceiling for happy hour.

In Malibu, apparently basements are a bit more common because that’s the setting for Buyer & Cellar, the much celebrated, award-winning one-man show starring Dallas native Michael Urie of Ugly Betty fame.

In the outrageous play from Jonathan Tollins, Urie plays Alex, a struggling actor in Hollywood who takes an odd job that would take even the freakiest Craigslist responder by surprise: working in the Malibu basement of Barbra Streisand.

But this is no ordinary basement. Streisand has an actual shopping mall in her basement (a true story, by the way) filled with props, dresses and artifacts that’s she’s collected over the years. Alex’s job is to maintain the collection and be the mall’s sole employee.

When the legend herself descends the stairs for a little interaction with Alex, he feels like there’s a mutual connection. What he doesn’t know is whether their unlikely friendship will ever make it out of the basement and into the light of day.

Filled with wit and charm, there are plenty of laugh-out-loud moments and character insights that justify the laundry list of awards and nominations this show received during its original run in New York. Of course, the adorable Urie could just stand onstage for two hours and we’d be perfectly content.

Wonder if he’d be interested in a post-show game of Pac-Man in the crawl space above our living room.

We’ve got Yentl on Blu-ray, too.

Buyer & Cellar
Tickets: $35-$65

September 3-6
Dallas City Performance Hall
2520 Flora Street, Dallas