Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Jaxx Of One Trade


It’s hard to think of electronic dance music and not think of Basement Jaxx, the legendary duo of Felix Buxton and Simon Ratcliffe.

After a near-five year hiatus, they return with an essential album created to unified the spirit of the world through music. Titled Junto (Spanish for together), it features soon-to-be dance floor hits, “Power to the People,” “We Are Not Alone” and “Love Is At Your Side.”

Our unicorn-loving friends (you know who you are) will savor every rainbowriffic note of the track dedicated to the magical horned creature, as will fishwoman fans with “Mermaid of Salinas.” (To our friend who’s obsessed with both unicorns and mermaids, prepare to have a Jaxxgasm.)

But it’s the video for “Never Say Never” (above) and the TW3RK-BOT1.0 featured in it that’ll remind you why Basement Jaxx are so much fun.

Or convince you once and for all that these guys really know how to twerk it.

Junto, Basement Jaxx
Releases today
$9.99 on iTunes
$13.99 Special edition on iTunes
$9.49 at amazon.com

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