Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

From Botox To Burgers


For years, Bill Moore has helped make Dallas gays look better on the outside at his Advanced Skin Fitness medical spa. But his latest venture with boyfriend Clint Summers is taking the inside-out approach.

Sink your teeth into anything at Muscle Maker Grill and your body will thank you. That’s because everything on the menu is prepared with health in mind.


The first Dallas location of the nutritious alternative to fast food features offerings that range from the usual healthy suspects of vegetable-packed salads and protein smoothies to less typical burgers and pastas.

By incorporating small-but-significant substitutions such as low fat cheese, turkey bacon, grass-fed beef and whole-wheat pasta, they can reduce the calorie and fat counts while jacking up your protein intake at the same time.

Fool your stomach with tasty takes on a traditional cheeseburger or chicken nuggets that should be called Chicken Hunks, the non-deep-fried bites of all-white-meat chicken are so huge. Or if you’re feeling really dedicated to your healthy habits, you can order low-carb entrees served atop steamed broccoli instead of brown rice or pasta.

Soon, you’ll be able to purchase ready-to-heat meals for the entire week, as well as home delivery.

So whether you’re jonesing for Italian, Asian, Cajun or Mexican, they’ve got the flavors you crave, served fast and hot—from even hotter employees.

Because when was the last time you fantasized about that guy with the clown head?

Muscle Maker Grill
2217 Greenville Avenue, Dallas