Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Kinder, Tastier


Let’s be frank. Most protein bars on the market taste like Play-Doh mixed with granola, cinnamon and disappointment.

But the KIND brand of snacks has always delivered a high-quality product with ingredients you can actually identify both on the wrapper and by sight.

Now, they’ve created five savory flavors under the label STRONG & KIND that have been a lifesaver for us this summer. (Because as much as we’d like to, we don’t always have the hour required to sit down and chew all the fresh veggies in the gigantic signature salads we create most nights to keep our bodies swimsuit-worthy.)

Choose from Honey Mustard, Hickory Smoked, Thai Chili, Roasted Jalapeño or Honey Smoked BBQ. It’s a quick meal in bar form that’s absolutely delicious and 100% crave-worthy.

Packed with 10 grams of protein from legumes, nuts and seeds, each bar contains all nine essential amino acids, too. Pea protein is used because it’s easily digestible and non-GMO. Plus, each bar has 42% less fat per serving compared to eating almonds on their own.

And if you’re still hungry, consider a little KIND dessert. Our favorite is Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt.

When’s the last time you didn’t have to pretend something healthy tasted great?

Never? That’s what we thought.

STRONG & KIND Bars, $37.50 per case (24 bars)