Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Marry & Bright


If you have Facebook, watch Ellen or generally don’t live in a media black hole, you’ve seen one or all the viral video same-sex marriage proposals that have taken the internet by storm.

But there’s a new music video from Ryan Skyy for his dance song “Quite Like This” that combines the proposals into one ooey-gooey, heartwarming montage of romance in action.

Best of all, if you purchase the single online, proceeds benefit MarriageEquality.org as part of the #MyLoveisEqual campaign, which partners with music artists to create music inspired by marriage equality and leverages the sales of those songs to raise awareness.

So go online and purchase today. It’s 99¢ well spent.

And a great way to battle Sarah Palin’s debut square-dance single, “Hetero Hoedown,” that’s raising awareness for mixed-sex marriages.

Just in case people forget those are still happening.

“Quite Like This” Single
Benefiting MarriageEquality.org
99¢ download on iTunes
99¢ download at amazon.com