Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!



Apparently, magic isn’t exclusive to cookie-making elves living in trees.

Now, it’s key component of booze, too.

Or should we say, component.

Introducing Ké Spirits (pronounced kee), a line of premium quality liquors from a company right here in Dallas. Their portfolio consists of a tequila, vodka and whisky (with gin, rum and absinthe to follow).

The naming convention is a little odd and overly complicated for so few letters. Vodka is vKé (vee-kee), tequila is tKé (tee-kee) and whisky is wKé (wee-kee).

But who cares. We tasted all three and have to say we’re pretty impressed.

dal-09_02_14(2)What makes Ké Spirits different is a 500-year-old secret Irish recipe that’s a grain-based additive blended with every liquor they make. It’s not a flavor or color and nothing artificial, yet when fused with any spirit, it transforms it into something smoother, crisper and cleaner tasting.

For now, the trio of spirits are available at local Goody Goody Liquors, the Texas Theatre and our new favorite pub, the Ivy Tavern where you can check them each out on Wednesdays during their $5 you-call-it day.

The owner wouldn’t tell us the secret behind the centuries-old Ké distillation process, but one sip of any of the spirits on the rocks and we think you’ll believe in magic, too.

But you’ll have to wait until the absinthe launches before you see any elves.

Ké Spirits
$28, 750ml
Check for additional locations serving or selling Ké here

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